About Comfort Audio.

We started the digital revolution in hearing

Founded in Sweden 1994, Comfort Audio was the first company in the world to develop digital hearing products. Early on, we started to research completely new ways of helping people with hearing loss. A milestone in the hearing industry was reached in 2007, when the first Digital Modulation products were born. That was reality when we entered the world of DM transfer through the launch of Comfort Digisystem.

How we think

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enable people to communicate their thoughts and ideas in every situation throughout their lives. Being an inventive company, it’s easy to think we focus on technology. But that’s not true. Our focus has always been competence. Our technology can only make a difference if we first have a deep and true understanding of people with different kinds of hearing loss, and of their problems and needs in various situations.

Patented technologies

Today Comfort Audio is a competence leader in the hearing industry with several technologies patented worldwide. Secure Stream Technology and Perceptual Speech Enhancement are two examples.

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