The Comfort Digisystem range.

We make hearing aids better

There are many good hearing instruments. But all hearing instruments have limits, when the distance to the sound source is 3 to 30 metres away or in noisy, work or school environments.  In these situations, Comfort Digisystem takes your hearing aid a step further.

This is how it works

Comfort Digisystem consists of a wide range of wireless digital microphones and receivers. The microphone captures what is being said around a meeting table (or of an individual sound source, such as a telephone or a lecturer). The sound is processed in the microphone. The clearer sound is then transmitted to the DT20 receiver and to the user’s hearing aid or hearing implant.

Digital Hearing products for all situations

Comfort Digisystem has been developed to give the best possible sound reproduction in every situation. It works with a number of hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids. It is a flexible system – different products can be combined and easily adapted to suit your personal needs.

The Comfort Digisystem products kill noise

Comfort Digisystem enhances speech and reduces disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aid. The choice of receiver and microphone depend on the user’s needs and preferences.

Patented technology

All products in the Digisystem range use Secure Stream Technology (SST) – Comfort Audio’s patented technology for digital sound transmission.

“We developed the DT20 to expand the product family with a mini receiver that really could meet the challenges of life: distance to the microphone, a battery that can manage a working or school day and excellent sound quality.”

Secure Stream Technology
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