Does your hearing instrument match with DT20?

Compatible with most hearing instruments

DT20 fits all hearing aids that can be equipped with an audio shoe using a Europlug. The micro receiver is compatible with most BTE hearing aids on the market and is powered by the hearing aid battery.

Works with streamers

The DT20 and Comfort Digisystem work with streamers from several hearing aid manufacturers. The Comfort Digisystem eliminates the distance to the sound source.  The DT20 is compatible with iCom, ComPilot from Phonak, Siemens miniTek and Widex FM+DEX and Oticon Streamer Pro.

Check the Compatibility Guide

Visit the easy-to-use guide to find out if the Comfort Digisystem Micro Receiver DT20 fits your hearing aid, streamer, cochlea processor or bone anchored solution.

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