How does it work in schools?

School is easier when you can hear the teacher and your classmates

Being able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly and distinctly is just as important in preschool as it is at university level. The Comfort Digisystem enables students with hearing loss to hear both the teacher and their classmates well, and to participate in all school activities without being affected by all the distracting background noises often absorbed by a hearing aid.

A microphone and a receiver are all that is needed

Comfort Digisystem offers many options for optimising sound reproduction and clearing the speech of what the teacher or classmates say. The teacher uses a microphone that picks up the speech and transmits it to the DT20 micro receiver. As the microphone is placed closed to the sound source, the pupil/student is spared the annoying background noise.

“Fitting hearing aids to children is tricky. There is always a risk the hearing aid will feel uncomfortable behind the ear. With the small size, there’s less need to take it off. It’s more likely that a user will wear the DT20 permanently.”


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